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Holistic Health & Wellbeing

"Holistic Health" and "Wellbeing" are two intertwined concepts. Wellbeing is not just about our happiness, success or feeling good financially. Sometimes we are so focused on losing weight, making more money, being successful that we miss the whole point.  


We can only talk about Holistic Health  when human beings are in balance and harmony in their physical, mental and spiritual bodies.  Just focusing on what we eat or the physical activity we do is not enough to keep our bodies in balance. What really matter is the balance of body, mind and spirit.

Holistic Health is a term that includes all the factors affecting human life... Eating healthy  is very important for our health as well as exercising regularly. Both are a very important but it is not enough. 


We can eat clean, we can do physical activity regularly, but if stress is the center of our lives and we do not know how to manage our stress, it is impossible to talk about holistic health.  

So what do we mean when we say Holistic Health?

We are talking about a huge circle from healthy eating, physical activity, joy, career, financial condition, spirituality, homemade food, relationships, creativity, home and social life, even education.

Our body is a dynamic structure. It is in constant change. Sometimes we  feel good about our lives and ourselves which is wonderful but we also want to improve to be the better versions of ourselves and have a better quality of life.

Looking at these areas from time to time and taking action for the areas we want to improve and transform makes us more balanced, happy, calm and healthy in life.

As Ayurveda has said for nearly 5000 years, our lifestyle, holistic health, and state of happiness are hidden in the choices we make on a daily basis.  

The choices we make every day, even every moment, are the determinants of our lives. Those small steps that we see as very simple or insignificant constitute our health both in the short and long term.

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And as Mevlana said; "Every day is a new opportunity to start over... Every day is your birthday."

Muge Bucukoglu

IIN Holistic Health Nutrition Coach

Wellbeing & Ayurveda Specialist



Green Goodness
Image by Mateusz Butkiewicz


Awareness, awareness!! What a miraculous thing...

Do you think we can take action for something that we are not aware of? Or can we heal something without being aware?

The foundation of transformation and healing is Awareness. Awareness is not something that occurs from one day to the next. It takes effort...  

We read, we search, we stumble, we fall, we succeed, we make mistakes, but we keep going... We don't give up... Until finding what is good for us, what we want.  We continue tirelessly...  

In this process, the impact of breathing exercises, (Pranayama) and meditation, are miraculous.

Meditation helps us to rediscover ourselves, to hear our inner voice that we suppressed with stress from that rush. It increases our awareness.

By doing regular meditation and breathing exercises every day, we can improve our awareness and live a more balanced, happy and peaceful life.

Muge Bucukoglu

IIN Holistic Health Nutrition Coach

Wellbeing & Ayurveda Coach

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